Enterprise Data Store and Reporting

Operational Data Store

UNC Asheville has implemented an Operational Data Store (ODS) which significantly reduces the amount of complex programming necessary to write reports from many sources. Currently the data views are drawn from Banner, ODS as well as external systems. Reports may be written against the data views without impacting the administrative database. 


  • Reporting
  • Data mapping
  • Custom refresh cycle
  • Server Management and tuning
  • Security administration

Users of the Operational Data Store

  • Finance
  • Human Resources

Data Reporting

The university has adopted a web-enabled reporting tool for use with the administrative database. Enterprise Systems and Applications works with divisions to assist  administrative staff in using the data assets stored in the administrative database. We offer consulting, one-on-one training for report writers and custom report writing.


  • Report Writing
  • Reporting Dashboards
  • License administration
  • Training
  • Support

Data Protection

One of the core elements of the Enterprise Systems and Applications mission is the protection of enterprise data. We recognize the need for accountability and work closely with experts within our auditing agencies to achieve high standards.

Working with identified best practices, data is protected against unauthorized access from both on and off campus. Operating systems are kept up to date and monitored for intrusion. Management reports are provided to Data Managers detailing access levels to the university administrative database.  Access to servers is restricted and monitored.