Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications are those broad scope complex database systems which are managed centrally and typically support the core business processes of the university.  The Enterprise Systems and Applications division of ITS coordinates the acquisition and maintenance of central databases, ensures data access security, provides analytical services to university departments and has responsibility for central software systems, databases and web applications support. 


Each major component of Banner has a Data Manager who is charged with managing the user access to the data overwhich they are responsible. To have access to Banner an employee must have as part of their job responsibility the need to maintain or see institutional data and they must have their supervisor's signature on the Account Request form.   Navigation training is provided by ESA and is required before access to data can be granted.

The ability to view or maintain data is granted by the Data Manager in consultation with the employee's supervisor.  To request access, please reference the Banner Request Forms section on our policies and forms page.


View the Banner Data Standards Manual