Model 7911

Model 7911 The model 7911 is a single line set with a one way speaker (when on the speaker the person on the other end can’t hear you).

Each university department is charged monthly for the total number of phones being used in their department.

Model 7911 Charges: $18.00/phone.

Diagram Number Item Description
1 Phone Screen Displays phone menus and call activity including caller ID, call duration, and call state.
2 Cisco Unified IP Phone series Indicates your Cisco Unified IP Phone model series.
3 Softkey Button Softkey buttons Each activates a softkey option displayed on your phone screen.
4 Navigation Button Navigation button Allows you to scroll through menu items and highlight items. When the phone is on-hook, displays your Speed Dials.
5 Applications Menu Button Applications Menu button Displays the Applications menu that provides access to a voice message system, phone logs and directories, settings, services, and help.
6 Hold Button Hold button Places the active call on hold, resumes a call on hold, and switches between an active call and a call on hold.
7 Keypad Allows you to dial phone numbers, enter letters, and choose menu items.
8 Volume Button Volume button Controls the handset, headset, speaker, and ringer volume.
9 Handset with light strip The light strip on the handset indicates an incoming call or new voice message.
10 Footstand Allows the phone to stand at a convenient angle on a desk or table.