Model 7942

Model 7942The model 7942 is a two-line phone with a two-way speaker.

Each university department is charged monthly for the total number of phones being used in their department.

Model 7942 Charges: $24.00/phone.




Diagram Number Item Description
1 Programmable Buttons Programmable buttons Buttons illuminate to indicate status:
Programmable Button  Steady Green: Active call or two-way intercom call

Programmable Button Flashing Green: Held call

2 Phone Screen Shows call features.
3 Footstand button Enables you to adjust the angle of the phone base.
4 Messages Button Messages button Auto-dials your voice message service (varies by service).
5 Directories Button Directories button Opens/closes the Directories menu. Use it to access call logs and directories.
6 Help Button Help button Activates the Help menu.
7 Settings Button Settings button Opens/closes the Settings menu. Use it to change phone screen contrast and ring settings.
8 Services Button Services button Opens/closes the Services menu.
9 Volume ButtonVolume button Controls the handset, headset, and speakerphone volume (off-hook) and the ringer volume (on-hook).
10 Speaker Button Speaker button Toggles the speakerphone on or off. When the speakerphone is on, the button is lit.
11 Mute Button Mute button Toggles the microphone on or off. When the microphone is muted, the button is lit.
12 Headset Button Headset button Toggles the headset on or off. When the headset is on, the button is lit.
13 Navigation Button Navigation button Enables you to scroll through menus and highlight items. When the phone is on-hook, displays phone numbers from your Placed Calls log.
14 Keypad Enables you to dial phone numbers, enter letters, and choose menu items.
15 Softkey Button Softkey buttons Each activates a softkey option (displayed on your phone screen).
16 Handset light strip Indicates an incoming call or new voice message.