Email and Google Apps Account

Retirees may request a UNC Asheville Retiree Email Account by contacting Human Resources. Your username will be, where xxx is your current UNC Asheville username.

For all intents and purposes this is a completely separate email system from the one in which you had your faculty/staff account. This means that the Global Contacts lists will only contain the addresses of other retirees, not current UNC Asheville faculty, staff, and students. Should you need to find the address of a current faculty or staff member or a student you may use the published campus directory found on the UNC Asheville Website

Although you will not be on the Faculty/Staff Official lists, you may participate in the Retiree Official list and UNC Asheville Forum if you wish. Similar in function to the Faculty/Staff Official lists, the Retiree Official list can be used by retirees, faculty, and staff to communicate “official” messages relevant to the UNC Asheville retiree community. The existence of this list and its intended purpose have been announced to campus, but it is incumbent upon the senders of “official” announcements to include Retiree Official.

The UNC Asheville Forum is exactly the same Forum that you used as a Faculty or Staff member, we’ve just expanded it so that retirees can participate as well! Should you wish to “opt-in” to either the Retiree Official list or UNC Asheville Forum please send an email from your UNC Asheville Retiree Email Account to with your request to join either (or both!) lists.

If your faculty/staff account is still active you may export your Contacts from your faculty/staff account to your Retiree account. Your email, documents, calendars, etc. within your faculty/staff account are technically the property of the university and the State of North Carolina, thus it is inappropriate for us to export that data into a “personal” account (such as your Retiree account).

We cannot create a forward from your faculty/staff account to your retiree account. Your faculty/staff account will be disabled and ultimately deleted as part of your retirement process, thus there will be nothing to “forward from” to your retiree account. It will be incumbent upon you to communicate your new retiree email account address to those contacts who may try to reach you at your faculty/staff address.

Retiree accounts are unsupported. Although we’re glad to be able to offer these accounts we unfortunately cannot offer full technical support to the ever-increasing number of UNC Asheville retirees. Google provides excellent on-line helpDiscussion groups are also available to discuss issues with other Gmail users.

Internet Access

Wireless Internet access is limited to those who have an active relationship with the university. Retirees who are working with a department should contact that department to request guest access to the wireless network. Hardwired Internet connections in Ramsey Library can be used by all community members.