Purchasing Enterprise Software

Auxilliary IT Services (AUX) is charged with coordination and approval authority for the purchase of enterprise applications; these are applications that involve the use or download of institutional data. 

The purpose of this approval authority is to ensure that university funds are not spent on products which cannot be integrated, or for which not enough campus resources exist to implement and maintain the product.

AUX will evaluate software applications  and will work with the requesting department to resolve issues of support, expectations,  and timeframe of implementation before making a recommendation to the Purchasing Office to proceed with the purchase.

Please note that IT purchases not in the category of Enterprise Applications should following the guidelines outlined in IT purchasing.

Examples of software needing approval by AIS:

  • Software using student information from Banner
  • Software updating information in Banner
  • Software which will reside on a UNC Asheville server
  • Software which will require a business analyst to assist in implementation or on going maintenance
  • Software with credit card payment utility