First Time Users

The first time you login to OnePort, you'll need to reset your password.  After that, you'll need to reset it again every 90 days.

Resetting Your Password

You can reset your password by visiting, or by following the instructions below.

Visit, and click the First Time Users link.

First Time Users

Enter your id, OneCard number, and date of birth

After you enter your information, you will proceed to select which passwords to update. The program automatically defaults to updating both your UNC Asheville and Google Apps password. Click on the Continue button.

Select which passwords to update

Now it’s time to create a password for your account. Pay careful attention to the password requirements listed on the right side of the webpage. Click “I Agree” once you have created your password.

Enter a new password

Afterward, you should receive a prompt indicating your password has been reset.

Password change confirmation

You will be redirected to the OnePort login screen. Enter your Username and Password to gain access. Once in OnePort, you will see a Webmail link, which will direct you to your email inbox.

Link to webmail