Employee Computers

Depending on their role, most UNC Asheville employees are provided with a computer for daily work use. This computer is on a leasing cycle, and will be replaced by a new machine every 4 years. This ensures all computer equipment on campus is consistently up-to-date. Computers in labs and classrooms follow a similar refresh model, as do certain appointed workspaces.

Computers are refreshed on a 1-to-1 basis. The addition of additional computers requires the approval of a vice chancellor or dean.

What kind of computer will I receive?

Depending on your needs and preferences, you may be provided with either a laptop or desktop, and either a Mac or a PC. ITS does not provide phones, tablets, or other computing devices (although individual departments may do so). Please refer to our current list of available computer configurations.

How do I know when my department will be refreshed?

Each department is refreshed on a 4-year cycle.   You can find out when your department will be refreshed by viewing the CTRP Department List by Year.

Can I have my own printer?

IT Knowledge Base: Printing

ITS does not support, nor purchase, individual or “desktop printers.” In the interest of sustainability and cost savings, Ricoh Multi-function devices are strategically placed around campus for printing, copying and scanning needs.

What about other peripherals, hardware, or software?

Any and all additional items are at the department’s expense. These items must be purchased by the department and will not be included in the campus lease. These items become the property of the department and will be supported by ITS until such time as the vendor or manufacturer warranty expires and/or the item is no longer functional. Items under this rubric include, but are not limited to:

  • Additional or non-standard monitors, docking stations, keyboards, and mice (including all wireless models)
  • Adapters for displays or classroom projection systems
  • External hard drives
  • iPads/Tablets
  • Software

Why do we lease computers?

In accordance with the UNC-GA Combined Pricing Initiative (CPI), UNC Asheville ITS has established standards for the hardware and software that we will support. Standardization of hardware provides significant discounts with our vendors and participation in CPI is mandatory for all UNC System schools. ITS engages vendors who support environmentally ethical computing and responsible recycling of “e-waste”.