How to authenticate to the Multi-Function Device (MFD)

All users will be now be required to authenticate to the Ricoh MFD fleet before usage is allowed. You can authenticate in one of three ways:

  • Tap your OneCard on the RFID Card Reader located on the side of the machine
  • Type in your 930* number (ID Number)
  • Type in your OnePort username / password

How to copy/scan/fax on a Ricoh device

  • Authenticate to the device
  • Select ‘Use Device Functions’ from the next screen.
  • Use the hardware buttons on the left side of the panel to select the desired function.

Hold and Release Printing

This feature allows users to send a print job and have it held at the printer until released using the PaperCut interface on the Ricoh device. Print jobs can only be seen and released by the user that sent them.

The Ricoh fleet will also be set to employ Hold/Release printing by default, except in the lab/classroom environment and the library. If your department wishes to opt out of this feature, the department supervisor will need to send an email requesting this to

How to print to a Ricoh device with Hold and Release:

  • Print from your computer as you normally would.
  • Authenticate to the device
  • Select your print job from the list and select ‘Print’ or select ‘Print All’
  • If you don’t see your print job listed and you haven’t changed your password recently call the Helpdesk for assistance at 828.521.6445. If you have changed your password make sure you’ve logged off and logged back on.

How to print to a Ricoh device or other printer without Hold and Release:

Printing to other network printers and to Ricoh devices which do not have Hold and Release enabled will not change.  You can print to them as you have in the past.

Find Me Printing

Find Me printing solves the problem of finding the closest printer from a long list of available printers. It will enable you to print at any of the Ricoh devices across campus by printing to the printer on your computer.  This will allow you to print to any of the PaperCut enabled Ricoh devices on campus from your non-UNCA computer.

To use Find Me printing:
  • When printing, select the printer called ‘Find Me’.
  • Locate a Ricoh MFD
  • Authenticate to the device
  • Select your print job from the list and select ‘Print’ or select ‘Print All’


Web Print is a driver-less printing service that allows users to print by uploading documents from a web browser. No client software or driver installation is required.

  • Navigate to
  • Select ‘Web Print’ from the navigation menu on the left
  • Click ‘Submit a Job’
  • UNCA uses a single queue to print to all the Ricohs on campus, it is called FindMePrinting and is already selected for you.  Click ‘Print Options and Account Selection’
  • Enter the desired number of copies and click ‘Upload Documents’
  • Click ‘Choose’ Files and navigate to your document.  Note the file types that WebPrint can handle.
  • Click ‘Upload & Complete’. Your document will be submitted and rendered.  When complete it will be availible for you to release at any of the PaperCut enabled Ricohs on campus.

Google Cloud Printing

Google cloud printing allows you to print from any Google product including Chrome and Google Drive.  This allows you to easily print from mobile devices that have Google Drive or google Cloud Print installed on them. The process for printing varies depending on your device.

For Google Drive on Android:

  • Open the document and select the option button (the circle with an i in it)
  • Select the action overflow button (the three dots in the upper right corner), select print, and select the ‘Find Me Printing’ printer.

For Google Drive on iPhone or iPad:

  • Do not open the document.  Select the option button (the circle with the I in it)to the right of the document in the document list.
  • Select ‘Print’, select ‘Google Cloud Print’, and select the ‘Find Me Printing’ printer.

Other apps on both iOS and Android support Google Cloud print. The exact steps depend on the app. Please see the documentation for you app for more information.

To release your job:

  • Wait 30-60 seconds for Google to process the print job
  • Authenticate to the device
  • Select your print job from the list and select ‘Print’ or select ‘Print All’